UK College of Education

NCATE and EPSB Accreditation Review

Candidates, faculty, staff, and administrators in the professional education unit at the University of Kentucky extend a warm welcome to the Board of Examiners from the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education and the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board who are visiting the UK campus in the Fall of 2015. We are also pleased to welcome you and other visitors across the country to this accreditation web site.

These pages were established originally for the unit’s continuing accreditation visit in 2007. Since that time, we have worked to maintain the links on the site so that it is indeed “a living, breathing exhibit room” that can be used both for accreditation purposes and for our day-to-day work in the unit. We have also worked to improve the contents of the site so that it is a valuable resource to our candidates, faculty, and administrators as well as professional educators who are considering their forthcoming NCATE accreditation site visit.

We are excited about sharing the successes of our candidates, graduates, and faculty with the NCATE and Kentucky Board of Examiners during the site visit and with other visitors who view this site each day. Happy reading! We encourage you to visit often.

Unit Leadership Team
Janice Almasi Program Chair~Literacy Program
Gary Anglin Program Co-Chair~Instructional Systems Design Program
Margaret Bausch Department Chair~Early Childhood Special Education and Rehabilitation Counseling
Jeff Bieber Interim Department Chair~Educational Policy Studies and Evaluation
Lars Bjork Program Chair~Superintendent Program
Tricia Browne-Ferrigno Program Chair~Educational Leadership Studies Teacher Leader Program
Supervisor of Instruction Program
Sharon Brennan Director~Clinical Practices and School Partnerships
Les Burns Program Chair~English Education Program
Maria Cahill Program Chair~School Media Librarian Program
Jon Campbell Program Chair~School Psychology Program
Susan Cantrell Interim Department Chair~Curriculum and Instruction
Carmen Coleman Program Chair~Principal Program
Brett Criswell Program Chair~Science Education Program
Regina Dawson Program Co-Chair~Elementary Education Program
Stayc DuBravac Program Chair~World Languages Education Program
Rebecca Epps Program Chair~Agricultural Education Program
Heather Erwin Program Co-Chair~Kinesiology and Health Promotion(Physical Education Program)
Sara Flanagan Program Chair~Learning and Behavior Disorders Program
Kevin Flora Director~Undergraduate and Graduate Student Retention
Jeff Francisco Director~Advancement
Beth Goins Director~External Communications
Laurie Henry Associate Dean~Clinical Preparation and Partnerships
Michael Hudson Program Chair~Music Education Program
Ben Johnson Department Chair~Kinesiology and Health Promotion
Lee Ann Jung Director~International School Partnerships
Rebecca Krall Program Co-Chair~Elementary Education Program
Flo Lankster Program Chair~School Social Work Program
Donna Lee Program Chair~Visual Impairment Program
Keith Lyons Director~Engagement
Jenna Masters Director~Undergraduate and Graduate Student Recruitment
Joan Mazur Program Co-Chair~Instructional Systems Design
Katherine McCormick Program Chair~Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education Program
Margaret Mohr-Schroeder Program Chair~Mathematics Education Program
Amanda Nelson Director~External Communications
Melody Noland Program Co-Chair~Kinesiology and Health Promotion (Health Education Program)
Mary John O’Hair Dean and Unit Head~College of Education
Steve Parker Associate Dean~Undergraduate Advising and Student Success
Jeff Reese Department Chair~Educational School and Counseling Psychology
Allan Richards Program Chair~Art Education Program
Jayson Richardson Director~Online Teaching and Learning
Margaret Rintamaa Program Chair~Middle Level Education Program
Beth Rous Department Chair~Educational Leadership Studies
Rosetta Sandidge Senior Associate Dean~Academic Programs Accreditation and Planning
Gary Schroeder Director~Program Documentation Accountability and Compliance
Robert Shapiro Senior Associate Dean~Research Analytics and Graduate Student Success
Doug Smith Program Co-Chair~Instructional Systems Design Program
Tracey Snyder Director~Information Systems
Amy Spriggs Program Chair~Moderate and Severe Disabilities Program
Gerry Swan Assistant Dean/Developer~Program Assessment/OTIS Electronic Portfolio System
Kathy Swan Program Chair~Social Studies Education Program
Mary Ann Vimont Director~Alumni and Community Relations
Rosemary Waters Chief Financial Officer~Office of the Dean
Jennifer Wilhelm Department Chair~Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education